SHAPE Weight Loss Program


SAFE    No risky drugs or surgery, just small doses of specially formulated HCG, which is a natural hormone.

HEALTHY  −  Diet of very nutritious; fat-fighting foods, no pre-packaged foods or drinks that you are dependent on for maintenance.

ADDRESS    Identifying the reasons for your weight gain, and the underlying medical causes for being overweight.

PERMANENT  −  Keep the weight off permanently by re-setting your metabolism.

EFFECTIVE  −  MD supervised program to see results regardless of pre-existing conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Lose unwanted fat – not muscle!

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A Note From Dr. Clair

Dear Friends:

Our SHAPE weight loss program is the healthiest, most effective, longest-lasting and most innovative weight loss program currently available! I can say this with confidence because having offered many diets during the course of my professional career in proactive health, I have seen them all! None have come close to SHAPE. This program is more than just the highly successful hCG diet.

In addition to hCG, the diet integrates B12 therapy, a “Paleo” type diet that helps eliminate food allergies that can cause weight gain, with nutritious foods that constitute the basis of a very healthy lifestyle. In addition, our program includes innovative testing for hormone imbalances, sleep disorders, and stress factors that may make healthy weight maintenance difficult. The SHAPE program also comes with vitamin and mineral support, including weekly B12 injections.

The SHAPE program does not include food substitutes or processed foods that lack nutrition, it does not contain additives or preservatives that do not foster healthy eating habits. It also does not include appetite suppressants that can have severe side effects to your health and may lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.


Best wishes,

Darren FX Clair, MD
Medical Director
Vibrance Medical Group, Inc.

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