Just last year the anti-aging market was said to be worth over 100 billion dollars worldwide and is expected to grow by five or more percent by 2023. MarketWatch claims the anti-aging industry could be worth over 200 billion dollars by the year 2024.

The United States is the leader in the cosmetics industry, with most of the products being bought in the anti-aging category. These numbers tell us that men and women are interested in learning how to age. When people began researching ways to fighting the effects of aging, they find there are three main paths from which to choose.

Anti-Aging Options

The anti-aging market is often divided into three categories: products, services and devices. While everyone would like to skip straight to receiving anti-aging services, many choose to start with at-home versions first, products.

Products can include creams and lotions or anything you apply to the skin to achieve a result. Examples are anti-wrinkle creams, moisturizers, and night creams.

Many who choose products that need to be applied daily are quick to realize that results do not come rapidly. Even those who stick to their regiment every day may not see results right away. The key is sticking to the plan. It’s easy to get frustrated and switch to a different method to fight aging.

This may be when they purchase a product in the anti-aging sector. There are new products being introduced every day, all with the same promise, to prevent or reverse the effects of aging.

Anti-aging devices can include facial massagers, light therapy tools, and LED masks. Just like products, devices must be used daily and given priority in your beauty routine. Over time, some find the effort not worth it due to a lack of major, positive results.

A person may now consider meeting with a specialist in the industry to discuss anti-aging services. They will not regret this decision. This is because a specialist can not only offer an anti-aging service that provides quicker and long-lasting results, they can also provide insight into your specific aging process, whether your aging is a result of intrinsic aging, extrinsic aging, or both.

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Aging

Intrinsic and extrinsic sound a lot like internal and external, or inside and outside. We normally use these terms in contexts other than aging. However, they can help us understand the aging process and to examine the factors related to your own aging.

    • Intrinsic aging refers to genetics you inherit from your ancestors, hormonal balance, and collagen and elastin production. These are factors that happen naturally, and we typically have no control over them on our own. Intrinsic aging are the signs of aging that you saw in your parents as they aged, and their parents. Sagging skin under the eyes, the same sagging your mother had, is an example of intrinsic aging.
    • Extrinsic aging refers to the things we can control, our lifestyle, diet, and preventable habits that lead to elements like dry skin, loss of elasticity, dark spots or blotchiness. These signs of aging are produced by actions we take like smoking, not drinking enough water each day, or too much exposure to the sun.

The good news is that treatment for both is available. It’s called stem cell rejuvenation/therapy, and it uses your own body’s stem cells for healthy aging.

What Are Stem Cells?

You’re probably wondering how you own stem cells can help you reduce the signs of aging. Scientists have been researching stem cells for many years to provide you with an explanation. What they discovered is that everyone has stem cells. Each stem cell can change, evolve and even copy other types of cells.

Sounds like science fiction, but it is completely real, with real benefits. The stem cells wait and stay in wait until they are triggered into action. For example, if you cut your finger, your stem cells will be sent a message that help is needed.

The stem cells act by seeking out the damaged area. Once found, stem cells will morph into cells that will help heal your cut. This process shows just how amazing the body can be. Understanding stem cells gives you a basis for understanding how using them to treat the effects of aging is beneficial.

Stem Cell Rejuvenation

During stem cell rejuvenation treatments, your doctor can choose to use stem cells found stored in fat, or even better, they can use PEP cells, or plasma enriched particles. They are cells that are easy to extract and easy to inject or infuse in the places on your body that need repair due to aging.

The benefits of stem cell rejuvenation offer younger looking skin and the results of the treatments last for many months. Plus, healthy stem cells go to work on the inside too. The stem cells used for rejuvenation can heal stem cells that aren’t operating at their full potential.

You have the stem cells; you have the information. Now you must make sure you have the right treatment specialist.

How to Choose a Treatment Provider

Just like you choose other doctors, make sure they are licensed, qualified and come with great references. But don’t stop there. You want a medical specialist who is not only trained in stem cell therapies, but uses cutting edge treatments, and who work with leaders in the industry.

You want a doctor who gives you a complete assessment before trends begin to determine your causes of aging and can treat those causes when necessary. For example, if your aging is related to hormonal imbalances, you want a doctor who can provide therapy to re-balance your hormones.

If your aging is due to lifestyle habits, you want a doctor who can help you make changes like improving sleep hygiene, stress management, diet, vitamin replacement, and mindfulness. Once you find the right doctor, you can look forward to many positive changes. Stem cell rejuvenation can be one of many treatments that give you a healthier lifestyle.