If you’re like most of us, we know more about our car than about our heart.  Think about it for a few seconds: We know how to start and stop our cars, we know how to give it fuel and exactly what fuel to give it. We know all about the interior. We can work all or most of the sophisticated gadgets that make our ride more comfortable. We can read and understand all of the gauges on our dashboard. We know what to do to speed it up and to slow it down.

Can you say the same about your own Heart? Do you know what the best speed is for your heart to beat/minute? Do you know how to read all of your gauges? Do you know what to do to make your heart work at its optimal performance level? Do you know how to slow it down when your heart is beating too fast?

For most people the answer is a resounding “NO!”

That’s why I have dedicated my life to health and wellness instead of to disease & sickness. There are good doctors in every community that can help you when you’re sick. My role as a medical doctor is to make you stay healthy at every age. This CAN be done!

Takes this short quiz about your heart from ProProfs.com I hope it gets you thinking about how much you know about your own heart. Please join me to help you stay healthy at every age.