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How Does Your Heart Work?

If you’re like most of us, we know more about our car than about our heart.  Think about it for a few seconds: We know how to start and stop our cars, we know how to give it fuel and exactly what fuel to give it. We know all about the interior. We can work all or most...

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Here is your overall health test

Check your Omega-3 score for brain function and anti-inflammation. You should be getting about 2.6g of these essential fatty acids at least 3 times/week. Check your blood pressure. You’re looking for 80/120. 80 = the amount of pressure in your arteries each time your...

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3 Basic Fitness Tests You Should Be Able To Pass

The Height-to-weight ratio test. If your waist is less than half your height, then you’re doing okay. As a further check, also measure your hip-to-waist ratio. Then divide your waist by your hip circumference. The ideal for men is 0.8, and for women is 0.7. High risk...

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