1. The Height-to-weight ratio test. If your waist is less than half your height, then you’re doing okay. As a further check, also measure your hip-to-waist ratio. Then divide your waist by your hip circumference. The ideal for men is 0.8, and for women is 0.7. High risk is over 1.0 for men, and over 0.85 for women.
  2. The Plank Test. This is a test of core strength. To perform this test, get into a “Push-Up” position, but rest on your forearms and not on your hands. Then hold that “Push-Up” position for 2 minutes. If you can do that, you’re doing well. You can make this into a Core Exercise by tightening your muscles around your belly-button, and magnify that by also looking down towards your toes.


The Sitting-Rising Test (SRT). This test is scored from 0-5. Go to a seated position on the floor and then a standing position without the use of your hands or a knee and your score a 10. Subtract 1 point for each limb used in helping yourself sit and stand. So sitting using 1 hand and raising using 1 hand scores you an 8.

Research shows the numbers strongly correlate with your risk of death within the next six years. For example, those who scored 0-3 were 6.5 times more likely to die during the 6-year-long study than those who scored 8-10. This is yet another test of core strength.

So, if you want to stay as young and healthy as possible, we can help you at Vibrance Medical Group. But, you must do your share by exercising daily. Exercise is the best preventative medicine there is.